Port Melbourne Physiotherapy & Pilates

Practitioner Type: Physiotherapist

Address: 3/11 Beach St, Port Melbourne, 3207

Tel: (03) 9681 7255

Website: http://www.portmelbournephysio.com.au/

Special Interest: Pilates, Pregnancy, Surgical Pre and Post of Rehab

Notes: Our physiotherapists are trained to diagnose, manage and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, and are also skilled in managing rehabilitation after surgery, coordinating treatment protocols with leading surgeons to optimise your outcomes. Our physiotherapists use manual therapy and hands-on techniques to assess and treat the area of discomfort, as well as surrounding and related body parts. We will help identify the factors that cause and aggravate your condition, such as postural, work and lifestyle habits and can provide exercise therapy and strategies to enhance your recovery and reduce injury recurrence.


When seeing a therapist for pre or post op rehab it is advisable to have your therapist coordinate your rehabilitation with your treating surgeon. If Mr Freedman is your surgeon please ask your therapist to contact Mr Freedman to discuss your rehab plan, goals and progress.