Mr Freedman is accessible, available and amenable to be contacted directly at any time by medical practitioners – GPs, Emergency Physicians, physiotherapists or health practitioners who would like to discuss or refer a patient or who simply wish to access some orthopaedic advice.

We endeavour to see all urgent referrals within 24 hours.

  • During regular business hours please call our office on (03) 9532 3333
  • After hours please feel free to contact Mr Freedman directly on his mobile phone. If the matter is time sensitive (e.g. a fracture referral from an emergency department), Mr Freedman is happy to be at any time (including during the night).
    If you do not have Mr Freedman’s direct number, please call our office during regular hours and we would be most happy to give you Mr Freedman’s mobile number for future reference.
  • Alternativey, if you do not have Mr Freedman’s mobile number he can also be reached on his mobile at any time via:
    • The switchboard at Holmesglen Private Hospital: (03) 9567 9000
    • The switchboard at John Fawkner Private Hospital: (03) 9385 3500

General Referral Instructions:

When writing a referral please state the patient’s age, sex and nature of the patient’s clinical problem and any pertinent additional history or information. We are happy to accept referrals via fax, email, phone or Argus direct.

When referring a new patient, we kindly request that the patient ideally have had recent (within 3 months) plain x-ray.  Even if the referral is for a soft problem (such as an ACL rupture), a plain X-ray is still desirable as a “baseline” assessment. A normal x-ray provides useful information. Ultrasounds a hardly ever useful and more often are unhelpful and should be avoided.

More sophisticated imaging such as CT or MRI scans can, in certain situations, be helpful but should only be ordered where appropriate.
For example, it would not be required or appropriate to order advanced imaging of a joint that was obviously very arthritic on plain x-ray.

Referrals can be faxed to (03) 9682 0203 or emailed to:

In your referral please endeavour to outline:
(1) Clinical problem
(2) Relevant past history
(3) Relevant social/occupational details
(4) Relevant medications
(5) Information regarding any investigations already performed.

If your referral or enquiry is urgent and/or the patient requires an urgent appointment please make this known to our reception staff.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding scheduling of your patient’s appointment or any other aspect of their care you may request to speak to Mr Freedman directly.

Frequent Asked Questions by Medical Referrers:

  • What’s the best way to contact Mr Freedman?

    For new referrers, Mr Freedman can be contacted at any time via the Hospital Switchboard or Emergency Department at John Fawkner Private or Holmesglen Private Hospital. 
    Alternatively, Mr Freedman may be contacted via our rooms on (03) 9532 3333.
    Mr Freedman is also happy to be contacted directly on his mobile phone at any time.  

  • Does Mr Freedman see Workcover and TAC patients?

    Yes absolutely. Mr Freedman is happy to see WorkCover and TAC patients.  Patients should please be instructed to submit a claim to the relevant authority at the earliest opportunity so that accounts can be submitted dirctly to the relevant agency. 

  • Does Mr Freedman see patients with shoulder problems?

    Mr Freedman's elective practice is focused exclusively on hip and knee surgery. However, for emergencies Mr Freedman does participate in the on call roster for several major hospitals, and through that role treats all manner of orthopaedic injuries. 

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