The Knee is a complex joint and is predisposed to a number of different orthopaedic conditions that can cause pain, disability and interfere with your quality of life. A wide range of of different knee procedures are available, depending on the orthopaedic condition affecting your knee.

Common Knee Procedures include:

Total Knee Replacement, Patient-Specific Knee Replacement, Knee Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery), Knee Reconstruction (typically for ACL injury) and Partial or Unicompartmental Knee Replacement procedures.  We also offer Computer-Navigated Surgery and Robotic Knee Procedures.

Our Melbourne Knee Surgeon:

Our knee surgeon, Mr Ilan Freedman, is a highly qualified fellowship-trained Melbourne Orthopaedic Surgeon with a special interest and training in Hip and Knee problems.

Mr Freedman trained as an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Melbourne and then completed additional fellowships in the UK and Paris, focusing on minimally invasive surgery and enhanced (quicker) recovery from surgery.  We offer consulting clinics and operating locations across Melbourne (Bayside, Northern Suburbs, Southern suburbs, City).

Considering Surgery:

Patients may need knee surgery for a range of reasons such as knee arthritis, meniscus tears, ligament injuries or fractures.

Choosing to have surgery is a personal decision and potential benefits and complications must be considered before undergoing any operation. People may choose to have knee surgery when a knee problems or an accident affect their quality of life and causes symptoms than cannot be satisfactorily managed with non-operative treatments such as physiotherapy and simple pain medication.

To speak with our qualified team about your orthopaedic problem, to discuss treatment options and to review your suitability for knee surgery, book in for an initial assessment.