Mako – Coming to St Vincent’s Melbourne

St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Melbourne has recently acquired 2 of the new state of the art orthopaedic surgical robots for robotic knee surgery.

This is very exciting news.

Costing upward of $2 million dollars per robot, the Rio Mako Robotic System is an advanced touch sensitive “haptic” robotic system that allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive partial knee replacement procedures with precise robot-assisted planning and control.

A recent publication in the prestigious Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery compared 139 patients who were randomised to receive either robotic-assisted partial knee replacement, or surgery with conventional instruments.

Results: The accuracy of component positioning was improved with the use of the robotic-assisted surgical procedure, with lower root mean square errors and significantly lower median errors in all component parameters (p < 0.01).
The proportion of patients with component implantation within 2° of the target position was significantly greater in the group who underwent robotic-assisted unicompartmental knee arthroplasty compared with the group who underwent conventional unicompartmental knee arthroscopy with regard to the femoral component sagittal position, femoral component coronal position, femoral component axial position, tibial component sagittal position, and tibial component axial position.

The authors concluded “Robotic-assisted surgical procedures with the use of the MAKO RIO lead to improved accuracy of implant positioning compared with conventional unicompartmental knee arthroplasty surgical techniques.”


I have a particular interest in minimally invasive hip and knee replacement, and so this technology is most interesting.