Mr Freedman is happy to treat Workcover and TAC patients. We welcome patients who have sustained an orthopaedic injury or joint problem during the course of their employment or as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

If your care falls under WorkCover, TAC or other third party insurance, obtaining treatment through Mr Freedman involves three easy steps:

1.  Call for an appointment.

2.  Obtain a referral from your GP, hospital emergency doctor or other medical doctor.

3.  Notify your case manager as they will need to be involved in approving funding for any treatments.
If this a new claim, please contact your employer to lodge a new workcover claim or the TAC (Transport Accident Commission) to commence a claim.

Billing:  Please note that your first consultation will be billed to you directly and you will need to settle the account on the day of your appointment.  You will be able to claim a refund from your third party insurer.

Any subsequent surgery will be billed directly to the insurer and you will not incur any out of pocket expenses.

Frequently asked questions by Workcover and TAC patients:

  1. Q:  Will I have any out of pocket gaps to pay for my surgery?
    A:  NO. If your accident or injury falls under a workcover or TAC claim, we will bill them directly for your surgery and the appropriate fee schedule and you will not see any account for your surgery.
  2. Q: Will physiotherapy, hand therapy or other rehabilitation be covered by Workcover or TAC?
    A: Third party insurers are usually generous in funding post op rehabilitation.  Remember, it is in their interest as well to get you recovered and back to work!  In some cases if you exhaust the usual “routine” funding special applications may be required for ongoing funding. Mr Freedman will be able to assist with completing this paperwork.
  3. Q: Will the cost of X-rays, scans or other tests be covered by Workcover or TAC?
    A: Usually yes. However, it is always best to double check this before having the scan. We can assist in directing you to providers who are happy to bill directly to Workcover/TAC.
  4. Q: Why do some surgeons not see workcover or TAC patients?
    A: Unfortunately, the Workcover and TAC authorities can be difficult to work with and often burden the surgeon’s rooms with excessive time-consuming paperwork and bureaucracy. Some surgeons have consequently decided that they are not able to see these patients. Mr Freedman also often finds that Workcover and TAC can be frustrating but is committed to a policy of seeing all patients, irrespective of their insurance or funding status.
  5. Q:  I need a new incapacity medical certificate – will Mr Freedman be able to complete this?
    A: Mr Freedman is happy to assist with medical certificates that accurately reflect the status of your recovery or rehabilitation. If you require extension of your medical certificate please book in for a review appointment so that Mr Freedman can assess you. We are not able to provide ongoing certificates without updated clinical assessment.