Return to work after Hip Replacement (anterior approach)

How long will I be off work following a hip replacement? (Anterior Approach).

This is a very common question!

After anterior hip replacement the joint is very stable and you can expect to have very little discomfort.
Timing re return to work depends on your type of work:

We commonly have patients who are sitting up a desk in the hospital, dresses normally, seated in a normal chair and able to do office work day 1 after surgery. Therefore, for soffice type work the only real barrier to returning to work is the commute to work. You should plan to not be driving for 2-3 weeks after surgery.
If you can make other transport arrangements it would still be sensible to take a week off work (you may feel a bit tired and run down after surgery) but could return to work the very next week and be able to work from home within days of surgery.

For light jobs that require a bit of walking around (such as job in retail where you are on your feet for hours), a two week off period would be sensible.
By that stage you should be well off crutches and able to walk safely unaided.

For more physical jobs (such as labouring), we advise 4-6 weeks off work.
The reason for this is that Mr Freedman typically uses new-generation uncemented implants. The implants are coated with a special surface coating which stimulates the neighbouring bone to grow onto the prosthesis. The benefit here is that once your bone has welded to the prosthesis the prosthesis will be stable for a very long time (likely forever) and not be exposed to the risk of late loosening as can happen with cemented implants where the cement can eventually dissolve. So as to not compromise the ability of the bone to grow onto the prosthesis we prefer to jarring, vibrations and sudden heavy impact movements for 6 weeks and therefore advise patients to avoid those sort of work activities for that time period.