Surgical Assistants:

A “medical surgical assistant”, also known as an assistant surgeon, is a qualified doctor who assists the surgeon during an operation.
The surgical assistant works with the surgeon as a skilled second pair of hands to maximise safety and efficiency during your surgery. A surgical assistant may not be required for very minor surgery, but is considered essential for major surgery.

Depending on the nature of your surgery, the assistant for your procedure will be either another surgeon, a professional dedicated surgical assistant, a surgeon in training, a sports medicine physician, or a general medical practitioner (GP). In Australia the surgical assistant is always a qualified medical doctor.

Mr Freedman works with a small team of assistants who are familiar with his surgical techniques and who are consequently experienced to anticipate and assistant as the surgery progresses. This ensures an economy of motion and efficient surgical practice.

The majority of the assistant fee will be covered by medicare and your health insurance, but you may have a small “out of pocket” invoice to pay. Mr Freedman’s rooms will provide you with details as to the assistant for your operation and can provide you with an estimate in advance of the medical surgical assistant’s fee or provide you with the contact details of your medical surgical assistant.